Celebrating With My Cooking

duck soup with seaweed

Duck soup with seaweed?

I know it sounds weird,

but it tastes soooooooo gooooooooooood!


deep-fried fish with sweet and sour source
sautéed rabbit with red chilli, black mu-er, broccoli, half roasted duck
sautéed rabbit with red chilli, black mu-er, broccoli, half roasted duck

Yes  I cooked them all!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year

with all my hometown style dishes I made.

Cheers if you don’t mind duck or rabbit etc.




Happy 80th Birthday to Dear Dad




Happy 80th Birthday to My dearest Dad!

The gentlest, kindest and most intelligent man in all my life.

I have not known a second person matching up to all your virtues.

I wish you a happy and healthy year and many more to come.

Dad, I love you!

Happy 2016 (continued)


IMG_4881 (3)bw

Happy 2016 continued, isn’t nice?

When I looked at my poor little self at the beginning of the new year,

I could not believe how many times and how hard,

that I have beaten myself up over the years,

by looking at how many and how deep my wrinkles are!

Sometimes for good reasons,

but others for no good reasons.

Have you ever woken up on new year day,

making up your mind out of blue and branding it

as “new year resolution”;

to get up 5am instead of 7am as your normal biological clock does?

or to drive yourself like a horse in order to live like a monkey,

while you are a fish in nature?

Horse, monkey and fish, what else?

You want it all in yourself, do you?

Consequently you are not yourself anymore,

and congrats that you are turned into a busy zoo!

As I said in new year whatever your plan is,

“Be Gentle With Yourself”,

I would add;

“Be Kind to Yourself”

“Be Yourself”


Laugh Friday (68)


2015 - 2

I lost account of how many apple trees that I have knocked down,

while begged for pear foolishly.

You can’t make a fool laugh, can you?

Maybe only on Friday!


Happy 2016


IMG_4085 (2)newyear

If it takes reindeer 365 days to take us,

to the wonderland every Christmas;

then new year is like an atomic bomb,

exploding in the Time square on time,

to drop us to reality.

In the new year whether you plan on,

some fine tuning insider,

some plastic patch up outside,

surgical operation from head to toe,

Be Gentle With Yourself!




A Scientist at Trade, An Artist at Heart and Soul